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august 14th my house and shop were completly destroyed by a fire started by a construction company welding on a bridge.pemco sent out a adjuster quickly.

my car was paid for within a week and my personal belongings soon after. well when it came to my house thats a different story. i have been through 4 wild fires there and decided that i dont want to live there anymore. so pemco says if i rebuild that will pay policy max if i dont they will pay actual cash value on the structures.

i chose not to rebuild trusting that pemco would have an honest appraisel done. the appraisel came back and it would leave me owing the bank about 61,000. i couldnt believe it. well after i seen the appraisel i started looking into it.

there first two comps were in my development. come to find out they were only active listings not sales or even pending sales. then there were three more outside of my area. two were cash sales bank owned.

there net adjustments were over 20% and the gross were 31 to 51%. a bank would not accept more than 15%. the adjuster was asked to do it again and she used the same comps. only difference was what was an active listing now was a sale.

she lied and said it was pending at the time of the first appraisel and since has sold. i checked the records and it didnt become a pending until two weeks after the first appraisel. its been almost five months since i lost my house and pemco has yet to give a fair offer. so today she offered to do another appraisel only based on the time of the fire.

we cant use any comps after that date. so the first time the comps were ten months prior to the fire and a month after. now they cant be after. shes making up her own rules.

the reason why is there was a good sale at the time of her second appraisel 4 houses from mine. and she intentionaly over looked it so pemco wont have to pay a fair amount. ther was some other very shady actions done appraising the land. like leaving .26 acre off the the amount.

the best part is this person they hired also did my appraisel for my loan. all the land was there on that one and it appraised for about 100,000.00 more. looks like im going to have to sue pemco. mean while i have to keep paying for a house that isnt there anymore.

i would not recomend pemco to my worst enemy they are the most dishonest ins company ever.they think because im in bad shape that will accept any offer.

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You should read the policy you had on the place that burned.A total loss is paid up to policy limits if a home is to be rebuilt.

If it is not, then the payout is the actual cash value not replacement cost. Also, land is not insurable on a property policy, just the structures on the land. A bank appraisal includes both structures and land, but an insurance policy does not.

Perhaps your agent failed to explain this to you when you bought the policy.

Flintstone, Maryland, United States #582524

isnt it intersting how its a crime for an individual to commit fraud against an insurance co.but an insurance company like pemco can commit fraud i believe my claims adjuster and midstate appraisers have commit fraud.

if i lie or intentionally manipulate the truth to get money out of a claim that is fraud.

pemco and midstate appraisers manipulated an appraisel to reduce the amount they have to that not fraud.

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